Photoshop Tutorial – Lastwatch Glow Ball


Video runtime: 1 hour and 53 minutes
Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
Lastwatch Glow Ball SOOC

Tired of boring band photos? Wish you could elevate your game to the next level and start WOWing your clients?

Then this is exactly what you need– a Photoshop course designed from the ground up by a world-renowned retoucher and band photographer– a course that will teach you a proven, repeatable system to edit band photos like a BOSS!

Starting with the straight-out-of-camera RAW file, we’ll go through each and every step that led to the stunning final product, including Adobe Camera Raw adjustments, contrast, sharpening– everything!

Here’s a complete list of topics covered in the video:

Lighting setups for punchy, high-contrast portraits
The Adobe Camera Raw filter in Photoshop
Smart Objects, and why to use them
PSD vs PSB file formats
Setting White Balance in ACR
Removing red from skin in ACR
Frequency Separation technique for skin retouching
Installing and running Photoshop Actions
Removing dark circles under the eyes
Brightening the eyes
Making irises “pop”
Dodging and burning
Removing flyaway hairs
Strengths/weaknesses of the Clone Stamp tool vs. Healing Brush
Blend modes
Covering bald spots in hair
The Clone Source panel
Adding and working with textures
The Stamp Visible command
Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
Linking and unlinking layer masks
The “blur contrast” technique
Matching color and light in composites
Adding artificial catchlights
Creative sharpening techniques
…..and MUCH more


As a special gift to you, when you purchase this video tutorial you’ll also receive a FREE copy of our amazing skin retouching action for Photoshop (a $20 value), which creates beautiful, natural-looking, flawless skin with minimal effort. And the video also includes instructions for installing the action and using it to produce stunning results!

So tell me, are you ready to take your retouching skills to the next level and start WOWing your clients? Let’s DO this!