about this image

This jazz guitarist came to me specifically because he wanted promo images with a high "wow" factor, so right off the bat I knew we'd probably be shooting for a composite. I actually went out and bought some new lighting gear specifically for this shoot because I wanted to be able to match all the subtle nuances of the selected background. Fortunately, the final image packed a lot of "wow" and made him appear larger-than-life, so he was definitely pleased.

strobist info

Three Elinchrom Ranger Quadras were used to light this image; two placed in gridded 42x18 stripboxes on either side of the subject and slightly behind for rim, and one in a 22" beauty dish boomed overhead as key. The rim lights were set to approximately two stops hotter than the key.

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tools & gear used

As you can see above, there's lots of Photoshop trickery going on in this image. Once my subject was placed on the new background, I artificially enhanced the lights on the buildings to match the studio lighting as well as add a little extra drama. I also replaced the original sky so that a full moon was prominently featured (the client's album was entitled "Luna Loca", or "Crazy Moon" in Spanish). Everything was finished up in Topaz Adjust.

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