about this image

This is where it all started for me-- my very first promotional band shoot. I had bounced around between just about every photography genre out there until these guys trusted me to shoot their promos, and from that day forward I've been hooked.

As a professional musician and recording artist in a past life, I found that I could instantly relate with this type of client, so building rapport has always been effortless for me. I guess you could say that the proverbial light bulb went off in my head....I have been 100% dedicated to serving the music industry ever since.

strobist info

Lit with three Elinchrom Ranger Quadras. One was placed in a 22" beauty dish boomed overhead, and the other two were outfitted with the standard reflector and placed on either side of the band for rim. The rim lights were set to one and a half to two stops hotter than the key.

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tools & gear used

In Photoshop I swapped the sky, straightened and cleaned up the buildings in the background, took the guy on the left from a completely different shot (because the strobe on his side failed to fire), and made a variety of sharpening and contrast adjustments (including the use of Topaz Adjust on a separate layer.

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