about this image

This shot of an electronica producer/DJ from back in 2010 has opened quite a few doors for me over the years. It was published in one of Matt Kloskowski's Photoshop books, and it's won me a few online photography competitions. It was also the runner-up in a PPA magazine cover contest in 2013, which led to a surge of website traffic. I've used it in several online ads, and it continues to generate comments and conversation whenever I post it. Not bad for an image that took maybe 10 seconds to set up and shoot!

strobist info

Two bare strobes were fired at the white seamless backdrop to blow it out to white, and a third was placed inside a large softbox that was boomed overhead as key. The background lights were about 2 and a half stops hotter than the key.

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tools & gear used

Other than a channel mask and a basic Levels adjustment layer in Photoshop to clean up the background, not much else was needed for this shot. I pulled out some additional detail and contrast with Topaz Adjust, but that was about it..

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