about this image

This image was created for a local band who was in the process of creating their EPK, and the requirements were very simple and straightforward: they wanted something fairly understated but still professional-looking. So we kept the background clean and uncluttered, and I placed them into one of my go-to poses (which happens to be one of the 10 I discuss in detail in my posing eBook).

strobist info

Lit with a single ‚ÄčElinchrom Ranger Quadra placed inside a 5' octabank that was boomed overhead.

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tools & gear used

I had a fair bit of cleanup work to do in Photoshop when it came to the background, because at the time this image was shot, I had a small studio with a 9' roll of white paper as the backdrop. This didn't typically provide ample shooting area for bands with more than 3 members, which is why I eventually invested in a more spacious shooting location. Anyway, beyond the normal contrast and sharpening layers, this image didn't receive a ton of post work.

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