about this image

This band has made quite a name for themselves on the Vans Warped Tour, and prior to their first appearance a few years ago, they came to me looking for some eye-catching promos to help them attract as much attention as possible. So I made arrangements to do the shoot at Kelby Studios here in Tampa, FL, and off we went.

Since I happened to be pretty good friends with these guys, I was already quite familiar with their high-energy stage persona and quirky personalities, and I wanted to be sure to capture those elements in their promos. When the band got this wacky idea of emulating the promotional posters for one of their favorite TV shows, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", I knew it was a perfect fit. What you see above was the result.

strobist info

Lit with three Elinchrom Ranger Quadras, two placed in gridded 42x18 softboxes on either side for rim, and one placed inside a 5' octabank that was boomed overhead as key.

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tools & gear used

Knowing that this image would ultimately appear on the Vans Warped Tour home page right alongside countless other professionally-shot promos, I made sure to give it very careful treatment in Photoshop-- lots of manual dodging and burning, several contrast and sharpening layers (including one created with Topaz Adjust), and a bright blue background created with the Radial Gradient tool.

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