about this image

As with most of my composites, this one was meticulously planned from start to finish-- everything from lighting to posing to the background were discussed in advance. Knowing all of these critical details prior to the shoot is important, because it allows me to tailor my lighting and posing to fit perfectly into the chosen background, making the final result that much more seamless.

strobist info

This image was lit with an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra placed inside a 5' octabank that was boomed directly in front of the band and overhead. In the rear, I had an additional bare Elinchrom Ranger Quadra placed on a light stand that was raised approximately 10' high and pointing down toward the backs of the band members' heads (to simulate the light coming through the stained glass window in the rear of the church.

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tools & gear used

This image required approximately 15 total hours in Photoshop. There were lots of sharpening and contrast layers, along with good old fashioned dodge & burn, and of course a reduced-opacity Topaz Adjust layer.

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