about this image

Shot on location in NYC for a Christian singer-songwriter, this image wasn't originally intended to be a composite. I made a creative decision during the post production phase to drop in an entirely different background because I felt that it helped convey a sense of old-world regality, and seemed to be a better fit for my client's unique personality and musical style.

strobist info

Lit with a Profoto D1 Air strobe inside a 60" octabank, placed camera right at approximately 45° to the subject and about 5 feet off the ground.

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tools & gear used

In Photoshop, I blended in the wallpaper and floor by desaturating the overall color and making minor adjustments to tonality and contrast. The shadows on the floor and behind the subject also required some adjustments in order to make the composite more seamless. Finally, some additional contrast and detail were added with Topaz Adjust.

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