about this image

This Christian singer-songwriter was looking for something that would convey a sense of peacefulness and humility, with elements of dramatic light for maximum visual impact. I wasn't sure whether the light source in the final image would be coming from the left or right, so I covered my bases by throwing light on both sides of him, knowing that I could manipulate it later in post to suit my needs.

strobist info

Three Elinchrom Ranger Quadras were used to light this image; two placed in gridded 42x18 softboxes on either side of the subject and slightly behind for rim, and one in a 22" beauty dish boomed overhead as key. The rim lights are approximately two stops hotter than the key.

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tools & gear used

In Photoshop, I manipulated the colors of both the subject and background to get everything to match up and look believable, and I likewise adjusted the rim lights to make them fit the lighting scenario of this particular scene. I finished everything up with Topaz Adjust on a reduced-opacity layer.

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