about this image

Shot in my living room in July 2011, this image represents a deliberate attempt on my part to break out of a creative rut. I had gotten into a habit of reaching for the same exact lighting modifiers every time I picked up my camera, dialing in the same settings, shooting from the same angle....all in the comfort of my same studio. So this time around I decided to take a different approach by stepping outside the studio, using a new lighting setup, and challenging myself to make the most of whatever I had available in that location.

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strobist info

Lit with an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra inside a 22" gridded beauty dish, boomed overhead and roughly 45° to camera right.

tools & gear used

Color corrected and tweaked ever so slightly in Lightroom, then manipulated quite a bit in Photoshop to conceal the fact that the image was shot in a living room. Basically, I adjusted the lighting so that less background was visible, and I also added a concrete texture to the wall.

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