Ever struggled to figure out how much to charge for portraits, promos, album covers, press kits, or pretty much ANY type of band/musician photos?

Ever tried looking around at other photographers’ websites to see how much they charge, only to come away with more questions than answers?

Yeah, we feel you. And that’s exactly why we started this project– to give band photographers around the world access to a HUGE database of relevant, unbiased pricing information– all in an effort to help everybody make more money (and stop under-charging) for the services they provide.

We know that this kind of information could very well have a tremendous (and immediate) impact on your business, so we are happy to make this resource available to you at no cost. The only thing we ask in return is that you help us spread the word by sharing this project with your social media contacts.

Cool? Rock on.

Before you jump right in, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. If you’ve never actually had a paid band/musician portrait shoot before, but you’re still interested in seeing how much people are charging, please don’t take the survey. Instead, go here.
  2. All prices are represented in US Dollars (please convert your currency to USD)
  3. Do not include expenses in your calculations (e.g. travel costs, rental equipment, makeup artists, etc.)– only include what you charge for your photography services and digital images.

Sound good?   Awesome.

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